Clean Up Va


Here at Tails Out we are striving to reach our goal of cleaning up 1000 gallons of trash from Virginia's Waterways. With your help we can reach this goal! For just $1.99 a month or 6 cents a day you are guaranteeing 5 gallons of trash to be pulled from Virginia's Waterways every month! Once you order your subscription and the trash has been picked, you will receive an email with the location of where the trash was picked, a picture of the 5 gallons of trash and a short write up of the body of water you are helping to clean! Every purchase is 5 gallons closer every month to our goal! ROAD TO 1000!

Where does your $1.99 go?

1. You will receive weekly Virginia fishing reports and news via email news letter every monday

2. Pays for the gas associated with picking the trash. (Boats/Trucks)

3. Pays the landfill fees associated with discarding of the trash properly